Weekly Review Overload

“If Blade Runner is ever remade as a J-Horror film, this could very well ooze out of the woodwork as the soundtrack.”- DSD Music

“The group is slowly moving away from the My Bloody Valentine crunch that has outlined most of the Jesu brand, as Broadrick explores the space where Sunn drone meets Ride Robitussin laced hooks.”- HedEx

“As Justin Broadrick continues forward with Jesu, it's getting harder and harder to resist comparing the band to a force of nature: He's a master of implied power, the power of churning thunderheads on the horizon, of rumbling tectonic plates and tsunami-like swells.”- Aversion

We are certainly seeing more of the blissful side of Jesu here, as the omnipresent sludge of "Friends are Evil" or "Old Year" is no where to found on this disc.”- The Rock Blogger

Life...The Best Game in Town
, the best executed Harvey Milk album to date, and one of the most accomplished metal records you'll hear this year.”- Pitchfork

“On their debut album, Night Terror
, Seattle three-piece Helms Alee stands in stark contrast to the “folksy, sensitive guy with beard” brand “of music that has dominated the Pacific Northwest’s music scene in recent years."- FuzzRock

“..the guitar work is almost entrancing, even if the vocalist sounds a lot more like Anal Cunt’s Seth Putnam than he needs to."- Absolute Punk

Bird of Prey captures the sparse heavy moments found on the band's previous effort and flawlessly reproduces a more intensified, prolonged version of what essentially is audible devastation.”-Decoy