Recent review overload

Stove Bredsky
"Armed with a kazoo and electric guitar, stephen brodsky returns with another excellent addition to his rapidly growing catalogue"

"The album spans many influences and emotions, without becoming tiresome or contrived; it never gets too heavy for it's own good, or too strange for the listener to appreciate."

"Imagine a grubby pea-soup-coloured van making its way from one muddy, grimy, bad part of town to the next. There’s a bowl on the shag carpeting and a jumble of vacant beer cans, some bottles. It smells like pee and weed. The piss-van is charged with the task of delivering its unclean occupants to the next gig, which takes place somewhere dark, clammy, greasy, uncivilized"

Harvey Milk
"Though structure is integral on Life…The Best Game in Town, the album also benefits from both experience and an infusion of new blood."

"For grind, there isn’t actually much grinding going on, ass “Amber Gray” is one blur from start to finish, and if you’re not paying attention, you won’t actually know when one song starts and another stops."

"There is a distinct moment during Amber Gray when, as the music has descended into a swirling maelstrom of fretboard calisthenics set to a backdrop of blast beats and Jon Chang's ubiquitous, piercing screams, that the listener begins to comprehend the larger strategy at hand, or, at the very least, is slowly brought about to the realization that GridLink is not just another mindless grind band"
"There are enough things out there that are just as screamy as they are yelly. For this you could, at least partially, blame Sonny Kay"

"Long before bands like the Faint and Death From Above 1979 made the fusion of punk and electronics all the vogue, the Boulder, Colorado-based VSS were breaking that very same ground while all you hipsters were still reeling from your grunge rock hangover"