Jesu Announces New EP, Why Are We Not Perfect?

Dripping heavy, cascading walls of sound.
– Spin Magazine

In one channel, live drums battle with regal, wind-tunnel synth lines; in the other, a chattering drum machine kicks up dust with that requisite layer of lovely buzz.
– Pitchfork

Broadrick has layered so many blurps, wooshes and digital gnarls throughout each song, they take on a life of their own.
– Decibel

And Jesu does indeed come off like therapy through sound, as lying under the surface of these bleak dirges lies an elegiac subcurrent than can be as uplifting as the angelic hymns of Sigur Rós. In fact, that Icelandic band's soothing soundscapes can be seen as the yin to Jesu's yang, the light to Jesu's dark, the white angel wings to Jesu's black pits of the underworld.
– Allmusic Guide

Extreme music rarely, if ever, sounds this warm and inviting.
– PopMatters

Stagnation and musical complacency are components completely unknown to jesu mastermind and sonic alchemist Justin Broadrick.

From record to record, and sometimes even from song to song, visible transformation in the molecular make up of jesu is made plain to any and all willing investigators. While the core personality remains perpetually intact, the outer trappings continue to shift and fluctuate, which results in renewed vigor and vitality for jesu, rather than providing fractured evidence of a shaky identity.

With this new five track EP (2 songs of which originally appeared on the vinyl only split 12" with eluvium), Broadrick has set aside the heavy foundation of pounding guitars prevalent in past jesu recordings and brought to the fore elements of texture and melody that previously hovered at the periphery of his monolithic compositions. While this may prove frustrating to metal idealists, those with a greater sense of adventure will find the the results both illuminating and heart rending.

AVAILABLE - 9.9.08

Tracklist for Why Are We Not Perfect?
01. farewell
02. blind and faithless
03. why are we not perfect
04. farewell (alternative version)
05. why are we not perfect (alternative version)

For more information, visit:
www. myspace. com/officialjesu
www. hydrahead. com