Botch 061502 CD/DVD Pre-Order

available now for preorder at

Between now and December 5th we are running a pre-order for the Botch CD/DVD "061502", which documents the final show at The Showbox in Seattle. In addition to the CD/DVD, we are also offering the usual batch of limited edition shirts, this time with 4 different garments: t-shirt, girls shirt, long sleeve, and a zip hoodie. The t-shirt, girls shirt, and long sleeve will be printed on Apparel Agent brand garments, the hoodie will be a standard brand (editor's note: probably Jerzees, because American Apparel can't keep their shit in stock!). The design will feature a white logo with the "trophy" design printed in clear ink. It looks cool, check the mock ups above. The limited edition merch will only be available to purchase until November 20th, after that it's gone. All pre-orders will ship the week of December 5th

DVD/CD track listing
1. St. Mathew Returns to the Womb
2. C. Thomas Howell as the ..Soul Man..
3. John Woo
4. Japam
5. Oma
6. Frequency Ass Bandit
7. Thank God for the Worker Bees
8. Framce
9. Third Part in a Tragedy
10. Rock Lobster
11. Transitions From Persona to Object
12. To Our Friends in the Great White North
13. Hutton..s Great Heat Engine
14. Man the Ramparts

DVD special features:
* Commentary for 061502 performance
* ..St. Mathew Returns to the Womb.. Music Video
* Five songs live from Bellingham, WA
1. C. Thomas Howell as the ..Soul Man..
2. Hutton..s Great Heat Engine
3. Oma
4. Frequency Ass Bandit
5. Transitions From Persona to Object