Steev'n Brawdskee's Octave Museum

If you were a lucky one, you may have caught Stephen Brodsky's Octave Museum at the Vice/HHR CMJ show last week. Bryce went and said it was "fucking awesome". We believe the show was awesome, although in this case we don't know if he's telling the truth of if he's just psyched that we sent him to NYC, which coincidentally is where his girlfriend lives... The Octave Museum's debut hit stores this past Tuesday, so please do go to your local shop and search it out. One of Brodsky's (and HHR's for that matter!) long time supporters, Boston Phoenix, uses terms like "lo-fi, indie-folk" and "psych-rock thunder" to describe it, which is just what we might call it if we were good at describing things. We'd also use the term "pop" a lot too. The band's official hometown release party is next Wednesday, November 15th (also the date one of our staff turns an ancient 33 years old...please send all gifts to our PO Box) at Great Scott's in mufuckin' Allston, MA with Township and The Diamond Mines. There's been a bunch of great press coming through including online publications like MTV, Make Solutions, Absolute Punk, Decoy, Losing It Today, New-Noise, Punk News, and I Guess I'm Floating.

P.S. Cave In didn't break up, stop spreading rumors.