Unifying Redux Redux

The first in a series of four new Botch titles set for release on Hydra Head in the next year, this reissue of the band’s long-out of print collection of early seven-inch material, compilation cuts and other rarities provides an incisive look at the germination of Seattle’s legendary ass-kickers. Originally released by Excursion Records in 2002, Unifying Themes Redux features sixteen ferocious tracks that only Botch could deliver—complete with weird samples, postmodern anxiety, and unstoppable riffs. All paths lead to Rome. If you missed this collection the first or second time around, we are giving you another chance the experience the legend that is Botch.

Although Botch’s two full lengths and final EP features their most progressive work, Unifying Themes Redux summarizes the creative path that led them to such stellar heights. It’s a goldmine of Botch material, with compilation appearances, out-of-print EPs, unreleased tracks, and other collector gems. The John Birch Conspiracy 7” alone warrants the purchase—few acts could do justice to the theme from Conan the Barbarian.

1. God vs. Science
2. Third Part in a Tragedy
3. Inch by Inch
4. O Fortuna
5. Closure
6. Contraction
7. Ebb
8. Stupid Me
9. In Spite of This
10. End of Discussion
11. Wounded
12. Liquored Up and Laid
13. Leavers Take on Genesis
14. Rock Lobster
15. Frequenting Mass Transit
16. Sudam

Out on Hydrahead 9/26/06