HYDRA CLAUS IS COMING, THROW A HASH LOG ON THE FIRE (news on everlovely lightningheart, house of low culture, and old man gloom)

today we'd like to tell you about some things: everlovely lightningheart, a house of low culture show in LA, and a christmas surpirse from our pals over at the OMG institute.
EVERLOVELY LIGHTNINGHEART is one of the newer additions to the hydra head roster, and soon to be your new favorite "band". their music is best left unhindered by genre description/categorization, but we will say it's aural matter that is deep probing, all encompassing, and alternatingly divinely serene and mischeviously chaotic. their hydra head debut album "cusp" will be available jan 24th, so you'd best be on the lookout. a select few of you may have seen them at various venues and galleries with the likes of pelican, isis, oxbow, bastard noise, or all by their lonesome.... there may also be some sort of special preorder extravaganza through the hydra head webstore with handmade artifacts from the band themselves - who, by the way, are no slouches when it comes to the visual arts....
HOUSE OF LOW CULTURE (isis/omg/hhr related project) will play a one off show in LA on december 16th at the mountain bar.... the show is with kid 606 and others TBA. there may be some sort of special HOLC release made for this show... or maybe that's just a way to entice you folks out who only care about collecting our limited releases. this is the first and only HOLC live performance of 2005. the show is free so come on down! bring some pep pills though cuz this boring ass drone shit will probably put you to sleep. pillows and nightgowns are encouraged....
oh yeah - doesn't any one in this town have any hash fer christs' sake? if you do please bring some to the show and we'll give you lots of free stuff for it.... or money... or our first born.... ANYTHING!!!
lastly we liked to mention your thoughtful friends at the OLD MAN GLOOM institute have decided to release a special record just in time for christmas this year. the record will be a limited test pressing run of the OMG "christmas eve I & II +6" ep on 12" on one side, and a full OMG live set from NYC on the flipside. the set is sloppy and full of lovely mistakes, but it's one of the few OMG live sets ever performed, and certainly one of the only ones that's been documented. this special 12" (which will probably be housed in some sort special handmade sleeves) will be available FREE with a select number of orders for the new OMG t shirts, hoodies, turntable slipmats, and balsawood airplanes to be launched via the hydra webstore on, you guessed it, christmas eve. the sale will ONLY be on xmas eve and xmas day so get away from your fucking relatives and do something fun with your holiday freetime - like spending all your money on this fucking scam we call our "art".