LOGH: on tour, on fire!

hi everyone,
we've got some news here on our favorite swedish imports: LOGH. we released their latest album "a sunset panorama" a few months back as SOME of you may have noticed... if not, it is time you heed the call of these sultry, elegantly understated, and handsome swedish songsmiths. ANYWAY, below are some european tour dates for these fellas, so if you live near (or far even) from any of the following locations we suggest you hustle on down to the appointed venue at the appropriated time and get your LOGH on.... here's their website for any seekers of further information on the band: http://www.logh.se

dec 02 Stadshallen, Lund, SWE
jan 05 W2, Den Bosch, NL
jan 06 Oli Kino, Magdeburg, GER
jan 07 Wachaus, Potsdam, GER
jan 08 Cafe Wagner, Jena, GER
jan 10 Gleis 22, Münster, GER
jan 12 Schlachthof, Wiesbaden, GER
jan 14 Cahier de Brouillon, Hoogstraten, BEL
jan 17 Heretic Club, Bordeaux, FRA
jan 18 Sala Arrebato, Zaragoza, ESP
jan 19 Sala Azkena, Bilbao, ESP
jan 20 Ritmo Y Compas, Madrid, ESP
jan 21 Sidecar, Barcelona, ESP
jan 22 Rico Amor Club, Castellon, ESP
jan 24 L'Usine, Geneva, CH
jan 25 Hafenbuffet, Rorschach, CH
jan 26 Salzhaus, Winterthur, CH
jan 28 Velvet, Aviano, ITA
jan 29 Stadtwerkstatt, Linz / Urfahr, A
jan 30 B72, Wien, A
jan 31 Alte Mälzerei, Regensburg, GER
feb 02 Nato, Leipzig, GER
feb 03 Mau Club, Rostock, GER