BOTCH - We Are the Romans 2xLP repress

BOTCH - We Are the Romans
Release Date: October 25th, 2011
Pre-Order starting September 28th

We found about 450 empty jackets and inserts from the original pressing in our storage unit. We used the original plates to press vinyl for them. Available on Orange A/B + Blue C/D vinyl, and White/orange/blue haze A/B + Black/orange/blue C/D vinyl.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock that’s underneath another even bigger rock in a
cave in the middle of nowhere, you probably already know what’s up with this
milestone/motherfucker of an album. Initially released in the year two grand, Botch’s final
full-length was/is the kind of devastating metallic hardcore explosion that the term “metallic
hardcore” could/can only aspire to. In fact, these dudes nailed it so hard that the bands
that came afterward had to start calling themselves “metalcore” out of respect. And today,
it’s actually even worse: Ever since Botch went belly up back in 2002, there’s been a steady,
obnoxious stream of MTV2-jocking carpetbaggers that have ripped off our Sea-Tac boys
(currently and formerly members of esteemed rock outfits like Minus The Bear, These Arms
Are Snakes, Roy, Narrows and Russian Circles) riff for riff. We’d name names, but why
mess around with pretenders to the throne when you’re already in bed with the kings? Its
on 180g double vinyl for the first time since the album's initial release in y2k, and now also
includes the totally sweet double-compact disc edition from 2007 featuring the original
recording remastered plus bonus live tracks and the entire album in its hi-fidelity demo
version. We Are The Romans is bigger, better, and more Roman than ever.

“Selling Points”:
- This is it, the big one! Overstatement or hyperbole isn’t possible when describing how
critical this full length was to the progress of metallic hardcore. Along with pretty much
every band we have worked with in the past 10 years (you know what we are talking about...
Cave In, Converge, Coalesce, Knut), Botch took hardcore to unexplored realms.

- Presented here in its original 2xLP packaging and pressed from the original vinyl plates,
this repressing includes the 2007 remastered deluxe edition 2xCD as an added bonus. CD 1
features the remastered original record, while CD 2 contains several live tracks and nearly
every track from Romans in their never-before-heard live-in-the-studio demo-form. The
point we are trying to make is this thing is freakin’ awesome...

“Choice” Press Quotes:
“Some of the most impressive heavy music from the past 10 years.... no one has come close
to topping their dedication, adventurousness or personality. Botch were dead serious about
one thing: fucking ruling.” - DECIBEL

“One of the most revered hardcore bands of the last decade, Botch pioneered the
mathmetal school of rock with song structures so complex and musicianship so virtuosic
the Seattle quartet might as well have played classical music.” - REVOLVER

“If you’re a fan of metal, hardcore or any of either category’s attendant subgenres and still
aren’t worshiping the ground Botch stomped on, we don’t have any hope for you.”

2xLP Track Listing:
Side A
1. To Our Friends In The Great White North (5:10)
2. Mondrian Was A Liar (2:41)
3. Transitions From Persona To Object (6:04)
4. Swimming The Channel Vs. Driving The Chunnel (4:31)
Side B
5. C. Thomas Howell As The "Soul Man" (4:44)
6. Saint Matthew Returns To The Womb (3:05)
7. Frequency Ass Bandit (4:27)
8. I Wanna Be A Sex Symbol On My Own Terms (3:35)
Side C
9. Man The Ramparts (10:51)
Side D
10. We Are the Romans (7:27)

Bonus Compact Disc Tracklisting
1. To Our Friends In the Great White North - Demo (5:17)
2. I Wanna be a Sex Symbol On My Own Terms - Demo (3:41)
3. Transitions From Persona To Object - Demo (6:34)
4. Mondrian Was A Liar - Demo (3:02)
5. Saint Matthew Returns to the Womb - Demo (3:21)
6. C. Thomas Howell as the “Soul Man” - Demo (4:25)
7. Man The Ramparts - Demo (6:31)
8. Saint Matthew Returns to the Womb - Live (4:19)
9. Vietmam - Live (3:11)
10. Transitions From Persona To Object - Live (6:01)
11. Hutton’s Great Heat Engine - Live (6:19)