CAVE IN - Creative Eclipses 12"

- Expanded 12” includes 3 bonus tracks 
- Cover design by J. Bannon of Converge 
- Remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin 
- Digital download of the album with purchase.

Looking through Cave In’s expansive career, between their two 
most towering achievements sits the Creative Eclipses EP where 
you can see everything change.

It’s been 20 years since the Boston quartet sliced canyons through 
multiple scenes, starting as a corrosive hardcore band before 
releasing some of the most unorthodox and exhilarating songs in 
extreme music on Until Your Heart Stops. And before the aftershocks 
could die down, Cave In evolved more radically than 
anyone could have predicted.

While members have forged divergent paths with Old Man 
Gloom, Mutoid Man, Clouds and Zozobra in the years since, 
Creative Eclipses was the first signal that a band already 
celebrated for their innovation could effortlessly push beyond 
anything they’d tried before.

Before Jupiter could transform Cave In into rock saviors, there 
were these five tracks. Opener “Luminance” is an ascendent, 
shimmering hymn that bruises the troposphere. The cover of 
Failure’s “Magnified,” is taken over with such fervor it feels like 
something the band hatched themselves, and the acoustic “Burning 
Down the Billboards” is both a revolutionary and apocalyptic 
anthem. The two “Sonatas,” both ambient tracks, can wholly stand 
on their own as fascinating immersions into noise.

Creative Eclipses is much more than a bridge between the two 
worlds Cave In has inhabited; it’s a captivating example of the 
sonic rewards that follow the band every time they’ve chosen to 
obliterate expectations.