Compiling Autumn: The Making Of Discordance Axis "The Inalienable Dreamless"

Tomorrow is the last day to order the Discordance Axis book before it is out of print forever!

The story behind "The Inalienable Dreamless", Discordance Axis' final 23 minute run for the sea recorded to tape in 1999 and apparently still of vague interest to collectors of obscure failed grindcore bands from NJ. Andrew Childers, writer and editor at Grind And Punishment, covers the making of the last Discordance Axis album through interviews with the entire band, engineer John Du'va, Aaron Turner at Hydrahead and a variety of artists who were impacted by the record.

This was a non-profit project with all money made sent to Japan Red Cross for Tsunami recovery.
It is on sale until July 30. It goes out of print forever after that because the last day to make donations to Red Cross Japan is in September and royalties are 1 month behind on these books.

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