Staff Picks: Andrew Cox

James o'mara
Andrew Cox, Three Year Intern (aka the guy behind the camera)

truly lionize coverHELMS ALEE "Lionize/Truly"
Helms Alee deserve a lot more attention. They've got the rumble and the rhythm. I wish I could replace every over-pierced, striped sock-wearing metal chick with women like Hoz (drums) and Dana (bass). The guitar tone is loud and perfect thanks to the Verellen amps that Ben built himself. Melvins guitars + Neurosis wails + vocal harmonies + odd time signatures = awesome.

black madonnaThe Austerity Program "Black Madonna"
This record came out around the time I started interning here. I liked it a lot and was really impressed with the drummer's precision and technical ability. A few months later I realized that there are only two members of the band, and neither of them plays drums. Drum machine aside, this music bleeds rhythm (they only play one note on the entire new EP).
Also, I got to design their new shirt.

Narcotic storyOXBOW "Songs for the French"
Oxbow are the type of band you need to listen to when you go to art school and start a fight club in the basement where everyone draws on the walls.

harvey milkHARVEY MILK "Life...The Best Game In Town"
Listening to the first song off this album is like discovering Metallica in 6th grade before any of the other kids have. It will make you want to bash through the cinder block wall on the cover like a Kool-aid man full of beer.

Dude, I designed it. And if you buy one, I can buy like ten packages of ramen.

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