Torche: Awesome Interview @ Decibel

It was just one week ago when Decibel reported that Torche had been robbed of a van load of equipment, merchandise and personal affects after an evening on the road with Coheed & Cambria and Circa Survive. Though the robbery forced the band to miss their Canadian tour dates, they scheduled several dates on the Eastern seaboard and have added two more once their tour reaches its completion on May 29. To see how the band is faring, Decibel headed backstage after their blistering set at the Electric Factory on May 22 and chatted with guitarist and vocalist Steve Brooks, bassist Jonathan Nuñez, drummer Rick Smith and “touring member who hasn’t endured enough beatings to be a full time” guitarist Howard Maxwell Johnston.

The last song you released “King Beef” seemed to have far more drone and industrial influences than (Decibel Album of the Year) Meanderthal. Have you been moving in that direction stylistically?

Steve Brooks: NO. Hahaha. Umm it’s the same. We’ve always been all over the place, we’ll keep doing what we do. Sometimes we’ll do a song like that and sometimes we’ll do just what we’ve been doing. Sometimes some of our songs sound exactly the same.

Jonathan Nuñez: We have an EP coming out in September.

Rick Smith: It’s a bunch of radio rock bullshit.

JN: It’s upbeat rocking stuff. Two long songs on it but its pretty much upbeat. You know, the type of stuff we like playing live.

SB: There is a slow jam on it.