Harvey Milk: New Album "A Small Turn Of Human Kindness" In Stores Today!!!

The moment you've all been waiting for is upon us! Harvey Milk's follow up to Life... is finally available to the you and yours... Well at least on CD and or digitally. All you dedicated listeners who have wholly adopted vinyl as your format of choice are going to have to hold your horses for a short while, though I assure you the ball is in motion!

So, This time around, instead of blabbing about how awesome the record is myself, I thought I would simply post some excerpts from/links to some recent reviews, check em out:

Small Turn airs its grievances to the tune of near-funereal doom metal; tempos crawl, chords hang in the air like stink, riffs unfurl over many minutes, and frontman Creston Spiers' yowl reaches untold heights of lowness. - Pitchfork

The band's seventh album, A Small Turn of Human Kindness, plays like one long metallic dirge, which chronicles a broken man, his broken relationship and the doubt of grace... A Small Turn of Human Kindness marks somewhat of a return to Harvey Milk's weirdest and challenging music, but with every release, Harvey Milk has brought its disparate sonic worlds closer together. - NPR

Singular and Absorbing - Dusted Magazine

1. *
2. I Just Want To Go Home
3. I Am Sick of All This Too
4. I Know This Is No Place For You
5. I Alone Got Up and Left
6. I Know This Is All My Fault
7. I Did Not Call Out