Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stephen Brodsky Announces New Limited Release Full Length Album, "Here's to the Future," Out March 23rd on Hydra Head!

Announces New Full-Length Album, "Here's to the Future," Out March 23rd on Hydra Head!

Stephen Brodsky's Here's to the Future is the kind of record that, regardless of your general preferences and pretensions, possesses the ability to entirely eclipse your current emotional state... And that can be a very convenient thing... Imagine no longer having to fumble through your weird and outdated CD booklet for something even half-suiting of your current disposition... Look no further, constant contentedness is only a purchase of Stephen Brodsky's Here's to the Future away!

Believe me when I tell you that there's something so perfectly natural about Brodsky's songwriting and structuring... On initial listen it's almost like there is some sort of subconscious attraction, and as the record progresses, it becomes increasingly apparent that Brodsky does indeed have something very unique to offer fans of music in general. If you're unfamiliar with Brodsky's solo work, "Here's to the Future," is the best place to begin discovering it because HTTF is his most developed and interesting work to date. If you are already familiar with the way of Brodsky, this release is a must have because both the cassette and the digital version come with very extensive booklets filled with Brodskyisms and more!

Here's To The Future Tracklist
1.Here's to the Future
2. Human Contagious
3. @ The OSC
4. Mass Appeal
5. Spellng B
6. Halo 4A Hula-Hoop
7. Retail Therapy
8. Here In Spirit
9. MLK

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And maybe we put up a track from this album on the HH myspace page, so you might wanna navigate there!


Anonymous said...

oh wow, I love the song on your myspace page. It starts off like something right off of the black ribbon award but damn that chorus totally shifts the song. I will be purchasing all available versions, for sure.

Anonymous said...

smoke bongs

belmonT said...

isnt that riff towards the end a slowed down "crambone"?

Anonymous said...

Cassette release, but no CD? Makes perfect sense...

Oh well, time to spend $30+ getting the Japanese version from Daymare Records. Will go nicely with all the other Daymare releases that shame the HH versions.

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