Stephen Brodsky: News Story @ CMJ

Stephen Brodsky, frontman of recently reformed quartet Cave In and occasional bassist for Converge, is venturing out on his own again with the March 23 release of his fourth solo album, Here’s To The Future, via Hydra Head. Featuring a blaring electric guitar and a combination of harsh and mellow vocals, Brodsky's solo act strays from Cave In's hardcore metal sound and goes for a more relaxed but still raw vibe. Drawing comparisons to the White Stripes and Elliot Smith, the new album's title track and first single showcases Brodsky's talents both instrumentally, through the earth-shattering electric guitar riffs, and lyrically, through emotional lyrics that strike a balance between pessimism and optimism.

The nine-track
Here’s To The Future will be available both digitally and as a limited-edition cassette. Both versions will include booklets featuring words of wisdom from Brodksy.

P.S. if your a big Stephen Brodsky fan, check out the playlist linked to on this news story... Its real nice