Steve Brodsky's (Cave In) Top Ten Of 2009

Steve Brodsky's, of Cave In, Pet Genius, Stove Bredsky & The Octave Museum, Top Ten Of 2009

1) Cooking skills elevated beyond bachelor-pad level from working at restaurant.

2) Minuteman and Cape Cod Rail Trail bike rides; no wipe-out's.

3) Live excursions with Cave In for the first time in nearly four years.

4) Camping trip + dance party-jam with New Generation of Cave In Children at Warner NH compound.

5) Trips to Funspot in New Hampshire for lengthy old-school video-gaming sessions.

6) Getting to play on a Converge album for the first time in over ten years.

7) Doomriders "Darkness Comes Alive" sounding fantastic dubbed onto cassette for car-listening.

8) Getaway's to Maine for complete silence & starviews uncluttered by city lights.

9) Jesus Lizard, live @ The Paradise, wiping the floor with my face.

10) Stop-motion movies starring my little sister created w/the family over the Christmas holiday.

Also, Hydra Head would like you remain aware of the fact that Steve completed a phenomenal solo album recently titled, "Heres To the Future." Hydra Head will be releasing this as a limited cassette (including an awesomely illustrated novel of a booklet) and digitally late February/early March... (the sketch above is one of the many images that are being incorporated into the layout of the booklet...)