Cave In: Stephen Brodsky Interview @ Alternative Press

When did the idea of you guys coming out of your hiatus first surface?
It probably happened around the time that Caleb [Scofield, bass] felt as though he was settled back into living in New England, which wasn't actually that long after he moved back. It was only a couple months before we decided to just get together and play.

Was that a difficult process?
Well, ya know, we all have our own individual managers and lawyers, so Caleb's people got in touch with
my people and they battled it out... nah, I'm just kidding. [Laughs.] No, it was pretty simple, actually. All it took was finding a day when we could all get together-which was relatively easy. There's a rehearsal space in Boston that Adam [McGrath, guitar] and I have been paying rent at consistently, but it was originally Cave In's rehearsal space that we pretty much just moved all of our gear into around 2001. Since that time, we found other bands and friends to share the rent on the space with. Fast forward nine years later and we're still occupying the same rehearsal space and using the same PA we used with [signing to] RCA money. [Laughs.] So it was pretty easy to figure out the logistics of where to actually get together and play.