Cave In & Harvey Milk: Release and Stream New Releases Today!

Stream Cave In's "Planets of Old" here! // Stream Harvey Milk's s/t debut here!

If this is the first time you've heard anything about this project... Planets of Old is Cave In's already acclaimed comeback EP... the first new material in nearly four years! The thing is genuinely jam-packed with bona fide jammers and the like... Discernible proof that these gentlemen haven't missed a step during their absence and that music, in the general metaphorical sense, still hasn't caught up with them... Bold, but true... Watch a live video from Planets of Old here!

Previously known, to you likely too-savvy-for-your-own-good individuals, as the famous
“Bob Weston Sessions,” Harvey Milk's s/t album is the official master of the band's should-have-been debut record. The thing never received a proper release, so we over at Hydra Head decided to set the record straight... Sure, you could google search this piece now that you know it exists, but remember we got the re-re-remastered version and it sounds a hell of a lot better... Plus if you purchase a copy from your local record store, you'll sleep a lot better tonight knowing that, among other things, your not a filthy liar and a dirty thief. Look out for the band on tour this March supporting Coalesce.