Lustmord: Transmuted 12" covered in LA Weekly!

Pitch black dub from the devil's jukebox, Lustmord's Transmuted offers two riddim version redo's of dooming tunes from the legendary "dark ambient" pioneer's latest album, Other. It's a thing that has to be heard to be believed, because, well, it actually works. On the A-Side, Jesu/Godflesh main brain Justin K. Broadrick puts drum and bass to "Dub Awakening," spooky graveside acoustics eventually giving way to a bounce that's undeniably of the Jamaican isle -- albeit the part where they still practice Obeah. On the flip, "Er Dub Us," remixed by Lustmord, employs an electronic stutter beat and deep synthesized low end swells to create something that would sound perfectly at home coming off of D-Styles' turntable at The Airliner on a Wednesday night. Terrifying, yes, but awesome as well.