The humble bow before the dualistic incarnation of divinity known as Pyramids with Nadja

" pure a collaborative effort as is humanly possible."
"Simply put: there is no other music like this out there" 4/5.

"'Pyramids With Nadja' is nothing short of a revelation"
-Rock Sound 9/10

"Whoa! High toasts to collaborations that don't suck! Hint: this one don't."
-Decibel Magazine 8/10

"Pyramids With Nadja is a most natural pairing....Such contrast is refreshing....Introduction of clearly defined dynamics is almost revolutionary."
-Pitchfork 7.2

"Pyramids with Nadja is an acknowledgment of the inevitable infinite, a spiritually-attuned piece of drone that serves to remind us of our own insignificance, celebrating the greater whole of which we are a part. This is not a record of bombast or inwardly-focused attentions. It is not a story or a formulated exercise. Its movement is organic, its dynamic natural. The album is a metaphor and a parable. It is a scale model of forever." 3.5/5