Cavity: A Pantsload of New Stuff Available Now @ Hydra Head Store!

We Miss Em' Too


1. CAVITY “Miscellaneous Recollections 92-97” CD

2. Daniel Gorostiaga Postcard set - 12 postcards by Daniel Gorostiaga of CAVITY. Professionally printed and hand assembled and number in a vellum envelope. These are limited to 100 and will not be repressed.

3. Daniel Gorostiaga Lambda Print - 11x14 Lambda Print by Daniel Gorostiaga limited to 30 copies, hand numbered and signed by the artist.

4. New CAVITY Shirt!

We here at Hydra Head understand that this is a whole lot to take in at once, so to make your transactions more of a guiltless procedure, we are offering some package steals! (yep). Find out more here!!!