Kayo Dot in MTV's Gossip Column...

You may or may not know who either of the people pictured are, but the freakish pairing you'll see after the jump is truly a sight to behold. Steve Agee is a comedian/actor/writer from the Sarah Silverman-Jimmy Kimmelcircle of Hollywood. He's been a writer for Kimmel and "The Andy Milonakis Show," and he was in Silverman's movie and Comedy Central TV series. He's also enormous. Mia Matsumiya is a violinist. She's a member of the band Kayo Dot.

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And since we are on the subject of Kayo Dot... We ask that you avid readers prepare yourself for the band's upcoming full-length release! The record is titled, "Coyote," and will be out on Hydra Head early 2010!!