Chel's List #9 - Featuring Harvey Milk, Staring Sugar Bear

Coming out from behind the camera and getting a piece of the action for this video clip is 'Sugar Bear' aka Honey CoXcomb, the sweetest bear in the sleuth. He doesn't seem very sweet to Chel though, but then again, who on camera ever is.

Sugar Bear gets his staring credits for this Chel's List in particular because he's able to edit together a fair decent video clip for you all to watch. If you only could have heard the way he was moaning and groaning while he watched the raw footage. Speaking of footage, the only editing error was removing the bit where Chel goes, "What do Harvey Milk and I have in common" "We both have 1/2 a 7 inch"

As with all Chel's Lists, if you see something you like, want, need or enjoy, you can contact If you see something that you like, want, need or enjoy, but need a lot of it, would love to hear from you. His inbox shouldn't ever fill up and shut down like a recent issue we had with Chel's.

Tongue and cheek... You got to love it. Sugar Bear really loves it....