Pyramids With Nadja: Full Length Collaboration out October 27th on Hydra Head!

Pyramids just redefined grimness for a generation... this is music you lose yourself (and your sanity) to... I wanna hear more. - Decibel
...[an] unapologetic post-rock assault... a formidable talent... - Pitchfork
Located at the point where ecstasy tips over into terror, 'Pyramids' is a beguiling nightmare of an album. - Terrorizer

Their ambient shoegazer metal is deep and expansive, best experienced unhurriedly. A deluge of it only suggests it is easier to make than focused pop songs. - Pitchfork
[Nadja] play deep droning Ambient Metal where vague, indistinct sounds evolve or mutate into something altogether more solid, if not monolithic...It is crude but also oddly dreamlike. - The Wire 

Almost every girlfriend I've ever had (ask anyone here... they'll confirm I've had a pants-load) has asked me to be better with their friends, family, co-workers, pets, belongings, feelings... you name it... to which my reply has always been, "kiddo... I only know one speed." And that ploy usually works well enough until some Pyramids With Nadja shows up, spoiling everything with his devilishly versatile demeanor and extensive list of notable musician friends... 

Let me explain further. This guy Pyramids With Nadja is like a massive collaborative effort between Pyramids, Nadja and a number of otherwise established musicians. His instrumentation might be described as an energized ambient, infused with an intelligent ear for avant-garde metal and an almost indiscernible adherence to a sort of pop sensibility. PWN is the kinda guy who would successfully meld the still unparalleled compositional methodology developed in Pyramids' "s/t" album with Nadja's trademarked dirge-like shoegaze on a record and then chalk up the favorable outcome to the fact that all members of Pyramids (f. coloccia, m. dean, m. kraig, r. loren, d. william) and Nadja (Aidan Baker & Leah Buckereff) perform on all four tracks on the record. 

And his friends... His friends are all well-known artists, such as: Simon Raymonde of Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil (performs bass on track one and four), Albin Julius of Der Blutharsch (performs vocals on track four), Chris Simpson of Mineral (performs vocals on track two), Colin Marston of Dysrhythmia and Behold the Arctopus (co-produced/engineered track one) and James Plotkin of Khanate, Khlyst, O.L.D. Phantomsmasher (mixed and mastered the entire album). And if that weren't enough I heard he knows Ulver and Lustmord (each band remixed the track, "Into the Silent Waves," for a limited ancillary product) So, how can I, just one man, compete with a dreamboat captained by a crew of such diverse and artful virtuosos like Pyramids With Nadja (drum roll)... I couldn't possibly... because when all is said and done, Pyramids With Nadja is a far more suitable mate for my girlfriend than I could ever be... he's clearly better with friends and family, his creativity exhibits a natural flexibility, and you know what, thats ok... I want her to be happy. 

Pyramids With Nadja Tracklisting: 
1. Into the Silent Waves
2. Another War
3. The Sound of Ice and Grass
4. An Angel Was Heard to Cry Over the City of Rome