Khanate: Clean Hands Go Foul Vinyl LP Pre-Order

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Typically this is all about the music, but we came up with some really great extras for this pre-order that we'd love you to consider getting. They include:

* Heavyweight (15 oz, significantly thicker than our usual hoodies), custom embroidered & printed zip hoodie. Exclusive to pre-orders and VERY limited.

* Continental brand t-shirt with gold ink in 4 placements, including sleeve print.

* 3 different coffee mugs, including a "morphing" mug (remember Lustmord?) that changes from black to white when filled with a hot beverage.

"Back in the Bog, it’s truly great to learn that the final Khanate album CLEAN HANDS GO FOUL can see the light of day at last, especially as it concludes with the perpetually-garrotted Alan ‘The Nightshitter’ Dubin’s half-hour-plus Diss-Epic ‘Every Goddamn Thing’. Some commentators have complained at the methods in which Khanate achieved this final session, as though they’re the Ramones or somesuch and must all be together when the tracks go down. Fuck that shit. Messrs. Plotkin, Whizz Kidda, O’Malley and the Dubin are the fucking Can of Doom, not some weekenders on a largactyl mong. Besides, there are chordal blisses contained within this new Khanate album that singe my psychic split-ends and shake my pagan ass like no Khanate record previous. Way. And if the Dubin was Hornby Size in parts of Khanate’s previous canon, then he’s veritably Utgard-Loki by the middle of ‘Every Goddamn Thing’, creeping about your larder like a rampant shrew on marijuana lardy cake. Released on Japan’s Daymare Recordings, you also gots the option to score ye picture disc version from Luvverly!"- Julian Cope,