khan8 wake

"Raise a glass to the dead. For all intents and purposes, New York’s skull-fucking quartet of palpable and existential big D Dread went the way of the dinosaur after Capture & Release – its final studio effort. Bassist James Plotkin was the first to clear the air. Volk sympathetic to Khanate’s unique and utterly weaponized brand of bad vibes grasped the what-could-have-beens. Others scoffed, called bullshit on the whole thing, and went about their way, which essentially sums up the band’s reception even when they managed to stay – sort of – together, traveling the United States and Europe and razing myriad psyches in their progress. So here’s a wake for the dead, recollection large and small, with some ribbing of course. We wouldn’t have had it any other way.".. read the full article on