Kayo Dot "Blue Lambency Downward" LP Pre-Order, Silkscreen Poster Set and Shirt Available Now!

Available at HYDRA HEAD SHOP.

This one is SO legit.  The Kayo Dot LP version of "Blue Lambency Downward" is fully assembled and ready to roll...it's a single 180g LP available on three colors (maroon, green, white) in an old school style tip on gatefold jacket with heavyweight innersleeves (that are printed both in and out, for you geek types who care about that sorta stuff).  Its limited to 1000 pieces total and is available in stores on Valentine's Day.  But if you are one of those obsessive types walking around with homemade 'Totally Toby' and 'Madly Mia' shirts, then chances are you'll probably want a copy NOW...which works out real nice seein' as we've got 'em up and available on our Hydra Head Shop right about now....

In addition to the LP, we've launched two other new Kayo Dot items through the store...both at a real nice discount if yr ordering 'em with an LP.  There is the extremely limited edition (50 available) 3 piece, 7 color, silkscreen poster pack designed by the man Toby himself.  Each poster in the set is a 9" x 24" and is available on its own for $60/set or $45/set when you order with purchase of an LP.  

The other new item is a shirt designed by Faith Coloccia from Mamiffer/Everlovely Lighteningheart, which can be had for $15 on its own or for the wicked great deal rate of $10 with purchase of an LP.

Chel's got some of them instock as well, but he does not have the limited poster set or the t-shirt...he's strictly vinyl: chelvanin@hydrahead.com