Unlikely Xasthur Shout Out: Part 1 Redux

That Ryan Adams guy just gets better and better...first he gave Xasthur a shout out in the NYTimes, and now in the new issue of Blender he's listed off his 13 favorite metal tracks...and, yep, you guessed it...he listed Xasthur on there. And at #13 no less! We're still not entirely sure what his music sounds like (although we are fairly certain it does not sound like Xasthur) but we are inching closer and closer to buying a record of his. Or maybe just illegally downloading it AND THEN buying it. Either way, we're going to check him out. Can some one put us in touch with him? Seriously. We want to send him the new Xasthur 2xLP that comes out next month!

Here's what he says in the new Blender:
13. "The Prison of Mirrors," Xasthur “I imagine a sad demon who just broke up with his demon girlfriend, and he’s sitting on a big ash pile with his ‘Dear Demonic John’ letter going, ‘Fuuuuck!’ Then again, if you’re making black metal that good, you probably don’t have a girlfriend.”