KHANATE "clean hands go foul"

above are snapshots of the finished LP jackets for the forthcoming khanate LP "clean hands go foul" - which is your indicator that this beast is in the final stages of production and about to be unleashed. this album represents the final nail in the coffin, and a more fitting ending could not have been devised. having left hordes of imitators in their wake there is and will only ever be one khanate. below are excerpts from our initial comments to the band after finally hearing the completed mixes:

"...i can safely say that it is some of, if not your most interesting material and certainly telepathic in it's cohesion.... ...while i've always enjoyed the oppressive nature of past khanate output, as well as it's generally forceful approach, the delicacy, restraint, and implied, rather than overt horror and violence inherent in the recording is tremendous... ...i'm a sucker for tragic music as you well know, and this air of tragedy in the tracks is quite a satisfying new element that's been injected into the mix - apparent in the first two tracks especially. it seems the emotional current in past khanate recordings really only went from hate to anger to overt violence, but this stuff has almost a resigned and tender sadness to it - really resonates with me in a way that i hadn't expected. the last track is nice too - lots of tension, but no easy cathartic release is given... ...there's a crescendo, but it's short lived and leaves the you feeling more tense rather than relieved. a nice closer for the band as well as the album..."

also noteworthy - new material from khanate members soon to be released in various forms and through various channels, including but not limited to albums from the following: ktl, jodis, gnaw, sunno))), etc. keep your ear to the ground.