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"...Created in conjuction with the recently released Melvins box set, (a) Senile Animal, Your Disease Spreads Quick is inspired—at best—very loosely by the sludge metal band, which is to say that, like the best pieces of art, it borrows from the group only enough to create a jumping off point for its own independent statement, one that, if The Blot was indeed a proper indication, is undeinably Neely.

Where the aforementioned book was almost entirely wordless, however, Your Disease Spreads Quick relies ever so tentatively upon dialogue—loose scraps of lyrics cobbled together from the linear notes of (a) Senile Animal like pasted together pieces from a Burroughs word collage. Taken together, they fittingly read like statements of untethered existentialist dread—doomed proclamations in a horrific world populated by character sketches drawn from the abstractions of the Melvins’ correspondingly dark imagery.

Neely’s own images, however, succeed on their own, and while there’s no point in doubting the author’s insistence that he drew upon them directly as an inspiration for the work, Your Disease Spreads Quick would arguably have been just as successful had it maintained The Blot’s instance on letting the pictures speak for themselves. Neely is, as ever, an incredibly powerful visual storyteller. Over the course 22 pages, the mini takes the reader across a vast journey into the inner-most reaches of the artist’s sometimes frightening psyche, borrowing from sources a multitude of sources like Ralph Steadman, EC Seegar, and Fritz Lang...." - The Daily Cross Hatch