Peter Beste Black Metal Exhibit : Los Angeles

Although his new book, "True Norwegian Black Metal", ain't got a damn thing to do with us (although at one point we were in the running to release it!), we just HAD to give Peter, his book, his LA exhibit (which opens this weekend) AND his book signing a shout out. From what we can tell he's a good guy (we don't really know him but he did invite us to opening night, so he's a-ok in our eyes at the moment) and, well, black metal has been for years an obsession of ours both as music fans and as label dorks. The book is jammed with pics of all the BM Norwegian heavy weights...great stuff through and through. This US edition (a Japanese version in slimmed down form was released a few years ago), published through Vice's book division (who hooked us up with an ltd edition back in June, thank you very much. Any of you know if the red slipcase version is ultra limited, by the way? That's what we nabbed out of Suroosh's secret little locked cabinet....their were piles of black ones, a few blue ones and one red one so we took our chances on the red one) And although our cohorts in Xasthur, Bergraven, Heresi, and Nihill ain't anywhere to be found within its pages, the book is well worth a flip through if not a full on purchase. If you are a black metal fan, hater, or just a regular joe who is unwittingly helping to put the nail in BM's obscurity coffin, you're likely to love what Beste does, well, best. It appears you gotta RSVP for the opening, you can do so through Vice

The LA Weekly has a cover story on the show, which we haven't ready yet...but it did make us giggle like little girls to see it this morning when walking the dog...

Los Angeles Exhibit and Book Signing
November 21 - December 18
Zune LA. 8275 Beverly blvd
Saturday November 22 4-6pm
DDR Projects Art Gallery
1532 East Broadway. Long Beach, Ca