Lustmord- "Other" Album News + Pre-Order Launched!

Lustmord's discography is Ken Burns material in the making... His musical career runs 30 years deep...[which is a way of saying no one from Hydra Head other than Mark and Aaron were even alive when Lustmord started bro-ing down and making music with trailblazers like SPK and Throbbing Gristle]...and is packed tight with projects so varied that Nike and Nurse With Wound both reside on his discography. We’ve been doing this label for 10+ years now, and even then, we feel like snot nose kids next to what he's accomplished. Not to mention that King Buzzo is the one who sent him our way...its like a double shot of 'don't fuck this up' we gotta deal with here..

Lustmord's first new body of work in many years features his patented creep out techniques carefully crafted into a full length he's titled “Other”. Guest shots come by way of Buzz from the Melvins, Adam Jones from Tool and Aaron Turner from Unionsuit. The digital version is out and available now via Itunes and other DSP. The digipack version hits streets worldwide on July 22nd.

We’ve yet again come up with a pre-order of sorts to go along with the album’s release. There's a brand new shirt/hoodie/longsleeve design available now, but even then, its the Morphing Mugs that really have us giddy with delight. We can’t take the credit here for this cup unlike all others...its so unique and cherished amongst coffee cup aficionados that you’ll be the envy of all your 9-5 workday friends. Its a black mug, until that is, you pour hot liquid in it, at which point it turns white while revealing the secret Lustmord design hidden underneath...they make mornings mysterious!

Lustmord- "Other"
PRE-ORDER up now.
CD out July 22nd.
Itunes and Digital Available now.

Track Listing:
Testament (6:44)
Element (6:49)
Godeater (22:42)
Dark Awakening (8:24)
Ash (4:04)
Of Eons (9:12)
Prime [Aversion] (12:09)
Er Ub Us (8:03)