Jared and Coady star in strange French comic strip

So, Sarah is always getting random stuff in the mail, which bothers me cause I have been here longer and i don't get jack shit. Anywho, she recently received a French magazine entitled NOISE, which if you know her well is quite appropriate. Looking through this magazine, in order to find HHR content (but really just an excuse not to count shirts), Sarah stumbled upon this comic strip featuring the two lovely lads in Big Business and a chihuahua. The chihuahua we can only assume is from the cover of the recent Melvins album with also features said lovely lads. Now no one in the office speaks French, so we had to turn to the trusty internet for translation. The results it produced are more confusing then when Wes types "google" into the "google bar" just to get to google.com. So we are turning to whomever reads this blog, and speaks fluent French. If you can make sense of this, please email Sarah at sarah@hydrahead.com, and if she is satisfied with your input we will send you some goodies. Good luck.