Clouds: We Are Above You CD Pre-Order

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...And they said it couldn't be done. Then again, "they" say a lot of things, don't they? And in this case, when they implied, insinuated, or outright insisted that Boston rock freewheelers Clouds couldn't possibly get any more awesome, they - in the sadly timeless words of our soon-to-be ex-president - severely misunderestimated our immensely talented and totally gregarious homeboys. And so it follows that Clouds have followed up last year's Legendary Demo with an even bigger, better; and more brilliant slab of Hott Rock Action. Led by the estimable and inimitable Captain Adam McGrath, who brings his impeccable musical pedigree (see: fellow Hydra Head all-stars Cave In) to bear upon this lofty enterprise, Clouds deliver all the anthemic choruses, white-hot licks and psychedelic grandeur that anyone could ever possibly hope to cram into a single album made by mere mortals. Not that we're bragging or anything.

You know Clouds are #1, now you can let the world know you know with an amazing Clouds foam finger. These suckers measure about 8" x 16", and will take your hand from ho-hum to HOOOO-BOY! These fingers are made from charcoal gray foam with "Clouds" and "We Are Above You" printed on them in gold ink. This is a super-limited, one-time-only offer, so order yours now before they are gone. If you miss out, we're sorry, but nobody makes foam fingers for losers.

If you don't want to look dull and washed out next to your wonderful clouds finger, than check out this snazzy Clouds apparel, designed by Cody Hoyt (check out his website here.). You can get yerself a shirt, long sleeved shirt, or hoodie (or all three, baller), to wear while doing whatever it is that you do. You've got to place your order by the 10th of June if you want a hoodie, long sleeve shirt, or t-shirt. Although the t-shirt ONLY will be available in the Hydra Head Shoppe after the pre-order is over (but not the hoodie or long sleeved shirt); why not get Clouds' new CD, an awesome foam finger, and some bitchin' Clouds wearables all in one tidy package shipped to your door?! I don't know either.

Track Listing:
  1. Empires In Basements
  2. Feed The Horse
  3. The Bad Seat
  4. Heisenberg Says...
  5. Motion of the Ocean
  6. Slow Day
  7. Horrorfication
  8. Year Zero
  9. Glass House Rocks
  10. Playing Dark
  11. Garbage In, Garbage Out