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As far as the title: as everybody knows, the KING Elvis Aaron Presley died on the porcelain throne. As everybody also knows from watching CSI or L & O SVU etc, the human body evacuates its waste receptacles upon passing i.e. when you die you piss and shit yourself. (Hence, when something dies, organic or inorganic, the colloaquial expression, "The thing totally shit the bed.," may be employed.) This worked out for THE KING as he was already on the bowl. However, he did not get a chance to beat it before he died--check the autopsy--so he actually died without release. That final unexpelled load was then extracted from the kings scrotal sack and cryogenically frozen. On the 20th anniversary of his death--August 16th, 2007--that final dose of hate paste was unfrozen and heated to 270 kelvins where it was baked on to 1/4" magnetic tape. The Genius acquired this tape through a series of shady backroom deals, and the ep was recorded directly on to the baby gravy coated tape--a sort of sonic ejaculation, if you will. Finally THE KING had his final release via the hands and mouths of Pet Genius--via guitars and microphones, of course. In final tribute to Elvis' frozen load, we decided to call the ep "Elvis Unreleased."