Has Justin Met His Match?!

Last month Deciblog posted Justin Foley's recent analytical study of how likely a band is to start their name with a particular letter of the alphabet. All was quiet on the geek metal front until we came across yet another Deciblog post today about Glenn McDonald, an apparently well known rock critic and blogger, and his recent detailed rebuttal on how he believes Justin's analysis suffers from flawed data. Now we sit and wait for Foley's impending response. Although Justin is our boy and would back him at least until someone beat us all up, we say this from experience collecting metal CDs and LPs for close to 20 years; the letter "S ", without doubt, dominates our personal collection and has done so for years...our reasoning isn't nearly as analytical as Foley or McDonald's, but its still legitimate. We know because when we organize our CD's alphabetically we do so by giving each letter a spot on the floor and start stacking CDs vertically....the S stack always, and we really mean always, dwarfs the others...more debate to follow...hopefully.