Pelican Radio News

We've always had a bit of a love/hate sort of relationship with radio...on the one hand we've seen first hand the effect a local metal show can have on its listening audience, and on the other hand we've seen just how full of shit some radio related business can be...but alas, we continue to test the waters here and there from time to time. And in the case of Pelican's new release, things worked out just fine...we hired the fine upstanding individuals at Heavy Hitter to work the release to metal radio, and Team Clermont to work non-metal college radio. The outcome after four weeks was quite tasty...besides hitting some fresh ears, we also had some charting highlights including, but not limited to, Top 10 at CMJ Loud Rock, Top 20 at FMQB Metal Detector, and Top 100 at CMJ 200. Much love and thank you to all involved in working and playing the record...special shout-outs to the station contest winners at WNHU, WZJS, WKLL, WRBC, WVUD, WUPX, WUIC, WSJU, Radio UTD, KXUA, to Sirius for the continued love, and to our hometown station of Indie 103.1 who will be airing an interview with the band this Sunday...if we missed anyone, which i'm sure we did, blame it on Bambino at Heavy Hitter or JJ at Team Clermont.

In our "Give Us a Fucking Break" category the Seton Hall "pirate radio" station known as WSOU gets a big thumbs down for their refusal to add, or even play, Pelican on the premise that instrumental bands are not "listener friendly or a good fit for our station"...yeah, we ain't kidding, they really said that...

Pelican is on tour now. Tour dates are posted in our show section..