Doomriders vs. Boris: Long Hair And Tights 2X Vinyl LP

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This is the infamous (by now) Doomriders vs. Boris "Long Hair and Tights," 2XLP released by Daymare Recordings. The two bands recorded this album shortly after completing their US tour in 2006; Doomriders were recorded live in the backroom of a pizza Joint in Vasalia California, while Boris was recorded live on the 19th of October 2006 at Slim's in San Francisco. This limited-edition album contains a gatefold cover, with artwork designed by Fangsanalsatan in homage to Judas Priest's "Screaming for Vengeance" album cover.

Track Listing:
  • A1: The Long Walk (Doomriders)
  • A2: Deathbox (Doomriders)
  • A3: Hell Roaring (Doomriders)
  • A4: Mercy (Doomriders)
  • A5: Black Thunder (Doomriders)
  • B1: Black Out (Boris)
  • B2: Pink (Boris)
  • B3: Woman On The Screen (Boris)
  • B4: Nothing Special (Boris)
  • B5: Ibitsu (Boris)
  • C1: Worthless (Doomriders)
  • C2: Sirens (Doomriders)
  • C3: The Chase (Doomriders)
  • C4: Fuck This Shit (Doomriders)
  • C5: Ride Or Die (Doomriders)
  • D1: Just Abandoned Myself (Boris)
  • D2: Farewell (Boris)