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Oxbow - The Narcotic Story
The malls whisper. The halls whisper. The phone rings. And you are mocked and shamed while walls shiver down like wet sand and it is noticed like you are noticed, which is to say: not at all. And through all of their glass, steel and formless cold you move like it moves, along and alone, and you sleep while standing and you stand while waiting for buses and cars and in clubs at bars.

And then there is change. Crystalline change.

And between spaces and for spaces of the full measure of IT ALL what was big becomes small and what's small becomes animal grand until it's you, and handfuls of you, running into the always firing sun: a love that spells its name along the frame of everything that's broken. For good. For ever. And so it goes that OXBOW'S THE NARCOTIC STORY, co-produced by Grammy-winning producer-mixer JOE CHICCARELLI [FRANK ZAPPA, AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB, THE SHINS, THE RACONTEURS] is the sixth chambered installment of a suicide that plays itself out on the hustings of a substanced and principled addiction to failure while the band plays on.

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OXBOW [and OXBOW's acoustic duo LOVE'S HOLIDAY] is touring Europe with ISIS from May 24th to June 22, 2007. With additional outings July 2nd in London and July 15th in Birmingham, England for the Supersonic Festival. U.S shows will be announced subsequent to their return.

May 24 2007 Oran Mor Glasgow #
May 25 2007 Brickyard Carlisle #
May 27 2007 Bierkeller Bristol #
May 28 2007 Barfly Birmingham #
May 29 2007 Concorde 2 Brighton #
May 30 2007 Le Grand Mix Tourcoing #
May 31 2007 Ancienne Beligique Brussels #
Jun 1 2007 Moloko Geneva #
Jun 2 2007 Sonic Lyons #
Jun 3 2007 L'Embobineuse Marseilles #
Jun 4 2007 Le Rockstore Montpellier *
Jun 5 2007 Transilvania Live Club milan, Milano *
Jun 6 2007 Circolo Degli Artisti Rome, Roma *
Jun 7 2007 New Estragon Bologna, Bologna *
Jun 8 2007 Kilbi Festival Dudingen *
Jun 9 2007 Hirscheneck Basel
Jun 10 2007 La Locomotive Paris *
Jun 11 2007 Paradiso Amsterdam *
Jun 12 2007 Stollwerck Koln *
Jun 13 2007 Postbahnhof Berlin, Berlin *
Jun 14 2007 AN Club Athens *
Jun 16 2007 FLUC Vienna #
Jun 17 2007 Mediapark Ljubljana #
Jun 19 2007 Firlej Wroclaw #
Jun 20 2007 Progresia Warsaw #
Jun 22 2007 Palace Akropolis Prague *
Jul 2 2007 Koko London, London and South East *
Jul 14 2007 Supersonic Festival Birmingham #
Jul 16 2007 The Spitz London #

* = Oxbow (full band)
# = Love's Holiday (Oxbow's Acoustic Duo)

OXBOW's vocalist Eugene Robinson's book Fight: Or, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ass-Kicking but Were Afraid You'd Get Your Ass Kicked for Asking [Harper Collins] is scheduled for a fall release and will also be followed by a spoken word tour.