Do You Know This Dink?

If you do, then tell him to write us a check for the money he owes us. A few weeks ago he bought a fucking "HAGSTROM SWEDE ELECTRIC GUITAR MAHAGONY" and a calculated and hip "NEIL YOUNG CANVAS BACK PATCH" for a total of $337 through our Hydra Head ebay and paypal accounts. That was WEEKS ago and he still hasn't paid up. On top of that he asked for 8 days off this month...and keep in mind he's already exhausted his vacation time in the first 3 months of this year. The dude is clearly out of control. His name is Bryce. His email is His work phone number is 323.664.6810 x 5#. Please call him and email him asking that he kindly write us a check or just give us some cash for what is owed. If you call him, please record the conversation...maybe we'll use it on the sampler we are putting together right now...