Zozobra: Harmonic Tremors CD Pre-Order

Taking its name from the 50-foot effigy burned every year by a hysterical mob during the Fiestas De Santa Fe in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Zozobra is the brainchild of Cave In/Old Man Gloom bassist Caleb Scofield. Featuring live drums courtesy of fellow OMG institute liaison Santos Montaño, Harmonic Tremors deftly traverses the far-flung fields of transcendental space rock and explosive dirge metal (not to mention the occasional Godflesh-style pounding) with alternately snarling and oscillating riffery, crippling bass quakes and apocalyptic proclamations hurled end-over-end toward the cosmic unconsciousness. Echoes of Scofield’s previous devastations in both Cave In and OMG resonate throughout, but Zozobra ultimately follows its own smoke signals into the great beyond.

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Pre-Order Details:

* > Limited Edition Brown T-Shirt and Girls Shirt, printed on Apparel Agent and/or American Apparel brand fancy pants shirts
* > Limited Edition Brown Pullover Hoodie, printed on Gildan brand hoodies
* > Shirts and Hoodies available for order between now and January 15th only
* > Begins shipping the week of January 30th, see below

Track Listing:

1. The Blessing
2. Kill And Crush
3. Levitate
4. Soon To Follow
5. Silver Ghost
6. Invisible Wolves
7. Peripheral Lows
8. The Vast Expanse
9. Caldera
10. A Distant Star Fades

*Pre-orders will begin shipping the week of January 30th. Your entire order will ship at the same time, including items unrelated to the pre-order. Orders containing more than one pre-order will ship on the date of the latest shipping pre-order. Garment images are mock ups and final art may vary slightly in size, color, position and/or garment brand. Thanks!

P.S., Zozobra will be hitting the road with Isis and Jesu in March, check it:

* 3.17.07 Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East
* 3.18.07 Montreal, CAN @ Theatre National
* 3.19.07 Ottawa, CAN @ Barrymore's
* 3.20.07 Toronto, CAN @ Opera House
* 3.22.07 Chicago, IL @ Metro
* 3.25.07 Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock Social
* 3.26.07 Iowa City, IA @ The Picador
* 3.27.07 Lawrence, KS @ Granada Theatre
* 3.28.07 Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater
* 3.30.07 Salt Lake City, UT @ In The Venue
* 4.03.07 Seattle, WA @ Neumo's
* 4.06.07 San Francisco, CA @ Bimbo's
* 4.08.07 Los Angeles, CA @ Henry Fonda Theatre