hydra head has "signed" the legendary lustmord. if you don't know who lustmord is, it's time to do some research.... lustmord has only existed for 25 years! after countless releases and recent collaborations and remixes with the melvins and tool, lustmord has decided to put his reputation at stake by forming an unholy alliance with hydra head conglomerate international.

the first release will be a limited CD containing a lengthy track made in conjunction with buzz osborne of melvins fame - fans of drone and dirge rejoice. hydra head will also be distributing another forthcoming lustmord release - another limited cd featuring material from a recent lustmord live show - the first in 20 years... which happened to be a performance for a public ritual for the church of satan held on, you guessed it 6/6/06.

both releases should be available in the webstore by the end of the summer.