Our Gift to You, Part 1: December 24th Only

Ok, ok, ok, you do need to buy something before you get the gift, but the point is that you do get a gift. And in this case its a pretty damn good gift... Tortuga's working on a 12" vinyl version of the limited "Christmas Eve" 3" CD that came out in 2003. And as is customary with vinyl, there are test presses that are run off pre-production to test sound quality and whatnot. Test presses are a "hot" item on the auction market, and lately things seem to really have gotten a bit out of control. So the OMG extended collective figured, fuck it, lets just give 'em away. We've put together a swell little package available on Christmas Eve only (and, as some of you know, we'll have another special package for Christmas as well). The deal is that you buy an Old Man Gloom t-shirt, that is limited to this Christmas Eve package, and we'll throw in a free test press for the upcoming Old Man Gloom- "Christmas Eve" 12". Side A of the record features the entire audio from the 3" CD version and Side B features tracks from a rare live set recorded in NYC in 2002 on the Clash of the Titans mini tour (which also featured Cave In and Scissorfight). Its a first come first serve sort of deal, and limited to 50 total, which pretty much means you gotta get your ass up early on a day you're supposed to sleep in late. Just ask mom to set your alarm or something. One more thing, the test presses will have some sort of cover that we still need to throw together (the test presses only arrived yesterday for cryin' out loud) AND each one will be hand numbered and personalized with your very own name. That way if you ever decide to sell it on ebay, we can blacklist you forever for being an oppourtunist. So there.

Available December 24th only at the Hydra Head Shop