KNUT: "Terraformer "out now

See this guy right here? We love him to death. He's Swiss. And he's also the drummer in Knut, something we also love to death. "Terraformer", their 3rd full length (and our 4th for them) is out now. Our boys at Conspiracy Records in Belgium released the European version. We don't like to tell you what our records sound like, mostly because we just sound like morons when we play the 'reviewer' role, but more importantly 'cause then that means you won't have to figure out what it sounds like for yourself. But for the sake of it, lets just say that 9 out of 10 agree that Knut is truly on some other shit. check it for yourself. And for those of you that missed the limited Knut preorder items...too bad. But do yourself a favor and sign up for the mailing list so you know when we do the preorder for the Knut remix CD in 2006.