WHIPPING BOY vinyl discography on RTK

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Before he was Eugene Robinson of BLACK FACE, or Eugene Robinson who literally wrote the book on ass-kicking, or Eugene Robinson of OXBOW, he was Eugene Robinson of WHIPPING BOY and CFY Records. Catch up on WHIPPING BOY's entire vinyl output with this set of 3 LPs and a 7", from Eugene's very own stash. Includes:

- WHIPPING BOY - 'The Sound of No Hands Clapping' LP
- WHIPPING BOY - 'Mura Mura' LP
- WHIPPING BOY - 'The Third Secret of Fatima' LP
- WHIPPING BOY - 'Crow' 7"
Records are new, but the jackets are not in perfect condition. There are some bent corners, shelf wear, etc. They are from the mid-80s. If you have any complaints, you can tell Eugene. We're sure he will be very sympathetic.
Here is Damian Pink Eyes Abraham from FUCKED UP repping WHIPPING BOY and Eugene at Amoeba SF.