Weekly Review Post

"Clearly, ex-Godflesh frontman Justin Broadrick isn’t strictly an industrial metal artist anymore. But having spent more than 13 years as a mainstay of the genre, he’s entitled to do whatever the hell he wants as long as it’s cool."- Head Banger's Blog

“Elsewhere on the album, the band seems unsure of what it wants to be” - Blurt

“Clouds clearly do whatever the fuck they want and the rest of us can hang or get out.”- None Louder

Clouds hits high on the WMBR chart

“The Black Ribbon Award pushes outside any of Brodsky's past work, which is likely why it has come to fall under a separate name.”- Sputnik Music

“Like the mythic proportions of one Paul Bunyan, Zozobra’s sophomore effort Bird of Prey is a lumbering giant in its own right”- Mouth of War

"I can't see much of anything wrong with this release. While not re-inventing the wheel, it deftly combines a few different styles of songwriting into a fast-paced juggernaut of an EP."- Music Emissons

“All it takes is one listen to the opening track “Death Goes to the Winner” to realize just how much higher a level this band is operating on than the majority of their peers right now.”- Pop Matters

"Ok so Harvey Milk are named after a murdered politician, look like grizzled rednecks, talk about how they should probably be shot, and are famous for their powerful doomy dirges but if you’re still not totally ready for it then this thing will take your face off."- New Noise

“Life…The Best Game in Town is a brutal listen. It is also a clear display of matter over brain.”- Deaf Sparrow

“The Best Game In Town signals the return of Harvey Milk as almighty force, delivering a record right up there with their, and the, best.”- Zap! Bang!

"In related news, the REAL Harvey Milk, is set to get a bio-pic of his own" - Brooklyn Vegan

“Visually the album is a treat. The CD package is a mini-gatefold with olde-worlde thick card from the days of vinyl.”- DSD

“Avant Garde soundscape weird wonderful proggy brilliance from Hydra Head’s stable.”- Subba Cultchaa