Mamiffer: Hirror Enniffer Pre-Order

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PRE-ORDER EXTRAS: Place a pre-order between now and September 17th and add on a limited edition guys shirt, girls shirt, and/or hoodie designed by Faith Coloccia. These designs will not be reprinted! Bonus: this time around we're doing Alternative Apparel brand guys and girls shirts. These are enzyme washed, 4.1 oz (guys) and 3.4 oz (girls) that have a "vintage wash" feel. In other words, they're nice shirts. Check out the songs at

Track Listing
1. This Land (6:15)
2. Death Shawl (4:11)
3. Annwn (5:44)
4. Black Running Water (6:15)
5. Suckling A Dead Litter (7:38)
6. Cyhraeth (4:35)