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They say that the colors of the real world don’t look really real until you see them on the video screen... but who knew these dudes were so fucking handsome? Still, when instrumental sensations Pelican attained maximum onstage transcendence at the Scala in Kings Cross, London, those in attendance weren’t all that surprised. After all, these accomplished Chicagoans have been kicking ass and taking down the names on an international basis for years now. After the Ceiling Cracked features Pelican’s already legendary London live set from December 20, 2005, interviews and live bonus material shot at various stops on the band’s past US tours, a video for “Autumn Into Summer,” and an extensive photo gallery. Also included is a 3" audio CD** containing two versions of the song “Pink Mammoth” (a major-key reworking of the Untitled EP track “Mammoth”)—one of which features all the members of Seattle rock destroyers These Arms Are Snakes—and “End of Seasons,” a Prefuse 73 remix medley of “Aurora Borealis” and the untitled track from The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw.

DVD Content:
Live from Kings Cross Scala, London, December 20, 2005:
  1. March Into The Sea
  2. Autumn Into Summer
  3. Nightendday
  4. Last Day Of Winter
  5. Aurora Borealis
  6. Sirius
  7. Australasia
Live Footage Collection 2003-2006:
  1. Sirius (interview w/ Larry and Laurent)
    Nightendday and City Of Echoes
    Live from Neumo's Crystal Ball, Seattle, WA 06/03/06
  2. Pink Mammoth and extra footage
    Live from The Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA 05/29/06
  3. Last Day Of Winter
    Live from Nanci Raygun, Richmond, VA 05/12/06
  4. GW
    Live from Sabalas, Portland, OR 08/13/05
  5. Mammoth, Drought, and Red Ran Amber
    Live from The Nyabinghi, Youngstown, OH 05/30/04
  6. Forecast For Today and The Woods
    Live from The Nyabinghi, Youngstown, OH 10/11/03
  7. Autumn Into Summer music video
Photo and art gallery:
  1. Photos and posters from all eras of the band
3" CD Content:
  1. Pink Mammoth
  2. End Of Seasons
  3. These Arms Are Pink Mammoths
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