Eugene Robinson: FIGHT Audio Book 2XCD Pre-Order

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Our man Eugene Robinson—you know him as the dude who choked you out at the Oxbow show—has been threatening to write a fight book for some time now, and the good folks at HarperCollins finally told him to put his mouth where their money was. the result is FIGHT: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Ass-Kicking But Were Afraid You’d Get Your Ass Kicked For Asking, a black-eyed, split-lipped, bloody-knuckled journey into the black heart of the fistic arts—from Ultimate Fighting, underground fight clubs and kickboxing to soccer hooliganism, vicious “rock n’ roll” prison-cell combat, and good old-fashioned bar brawls. The best part is that we managed to convince him (actually, it didn’t take much convincing) to record an audio version of FIGHT for release on 2xCD. The tapes he sent us play out like Ray Liotta’s voiceover from Goodfellas transposed across a series of merciless, technically proficient beatings—only without all the messy coke scenes and, like, antipasto. Come get some.

As of now, you can get your copy of Fight with a limited-edition, ass kicking t-shirt. If you want one, you better get it before Monday January 14th, cause after that you'll only be able to order the Fight audio book - but NOT the t-shirt. Missing out on this shirt would be like getting punched in the face by stupidity (aka your own self).

CD 1: Knuckle
  1. FIghting: Why Not? (19:32)
  2. My Shrink Asks A Few Questions In A Thinly Veiled Attempt At Seeing If He's Go The Stones To Take Me On (7:13)
  3. GQ Magazine & Fear & Sickness Unto Death (4:00)
  4. Let's Get It On (14:34)
  5. Far East Fighting For Fun & Profit (13:24)
  6. So: You've Been Stabbed (2:03)
  7. While My Knife Gently Weeps (5:55)
CD 2: UP
  1. Jailhouse Rock & Ass Banditry (21:57)
  2. The Anatomy Of A Prison Fight (10:20)
  3. Curbs, Car Doors & You (16:31)
  4. The Real Sad And Weepy Part Of Our Story (10:19)
  5. I Stoop To Conquer (6:07)
  6. The One Finger Punch (6:15) CD Only Bonus Track!